Create Sue


We are continue face you with new brand Sue games. Your goal in this game, is to re-create the little cute daughter Sue, from the top to the bottom. The more you compare to the original state of Sue, the more points, you can get.

When the game is loaded, initiated the game, by pulling the handle, founded in the right side. You will confront with constantly moving an arrow and a lever, at the right side of the screen again. At the moment, you pull the lever, the lever will stop suddenly. The painting forms the arrow, will be a part of Sue that you created. You can do all these operations, with "MOUSE".

You need to set up respectively Sue' structure of face, eyes, mouth, hair, body structure, arms, legs and feet. After you setting up all these, click on "CLICK" button and switch to the scoring phase of Sue's body that you created. If you are fail to score, a bomb will be placed on the Sue's head. You can re-start the game, if you pull the handle, coming under the points. Remember, you need to be very fast to stop the arrow, in the picture you want. Hope you have fun!