Keeper of the Grove


You will reach the peaks of entertainment, with this game that established a great throne on the game lover's hearts, with its image effects, game sounds, screenwriters and with its resemblance Kingdom Rush game. Your goal in the game, is to beat your enemies that occupied your money and town.

Make entrance to the main menu with "PLAY" button. Adjust, the degree of your difficulty, when you are in main menu and click on "NEW GAME" button. Select your chapter and initiated the game. The game is played with "MOUSE". Set up your defense plants to the specified areas and wait for the enemy to come.

At the time of the game, you can make much more powerful, your installed plants, when you click onto them. So long as, you continue killing your enemies, it will be spilled golds and extra bonuses. You can collect these gold coins and bonuses, by navigate the cursor above them.

You can start the attack or speed up the game, with buttons founded at the top left corner side, on the other hand, you can pause or return to the main menu, with buttons founded at the top right corner side of the screen. Enjoy your stay!