Rune Raiders


Strategic intelligence is very important in battles. Knowing very well the features of your soldiers and heroes, use them according to these features, are the biggest move to bring to the victory. It is necessary to apply this move, the best way to fight against this challenging struggle?

Enter to the main menu with "PLAY" button. Then, select your desired recording chamber, if you are playing the game, for the first time, only "MISSIONS" game mode will be opened. After, you selecting your chapter, it is time to determine game characters... At first time, you have only 700$. You can select your desired characters with this money. As long as, you continue passing the sections and kill the enemies, you will make money; you can purchase much more expensive characters, with the money that you have earned. If you click on "UPGRADE" button, by clicking on any characters, you can buy very important strengthening powers. If all transactions are ready, click on "DONE" button, to initiated the game.

The game is played with "MOUSE". All buttons that you can use to move are founded, at the bottom of the screen. Also, you can advance, by dragging the heroes one by one. However, note that, if you send all heroes, respectively, with appropriate alignment, you can beat the enemies much easier.

In the course of the game, do not forget to follow, how many moves you have done, how much money, you have made, with indicators, located in the upper corner side of the screen. Again, you can pause the game and return to the main menu, with "PAUSE" button, located at the same place. We wish you great success!