Escape From Ninja Dojo


Small charming hero, decided to be a ninja. After receiving the necessary training ,our hero involved among the ninjas, now he is in a very difficult position and waiting for your help, at the moment. Can you help him?

Click on "START" button and to skip the descriptions, use "SKIP" button. Select your section and initiated the game. The game is played with "MOUSE". Drag and drop the cursor to send your hero any where you want. In addition, you can drag the cursor to move any where on the screen.

Enough to jumping on the enemies to kill them. You can stand firm without gliding in brown ground and you can jump up, in yellow areas and fungi. As to the red places, kill you. If you jump on the boxes and windows, you can break them. Do not forget to collect the coins. You can switch to the next chapters, by pressing on "CONTINUE" button, when you arrive to the door.

In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the sound and music of the game, with "SOUND" button, located in the lower right corner, you can also pause the game with, "PAUSE" button and with "RESET" button; you can re-start the current section. Thank you for choosing us, hope you enjoy!