How about building a great country and a strong army and take over it? Of course, under these circumstances, your enemy will increase and never leave you alone. Be ready for challenging battles and relentless struggles.

After you clicking, respectively, on "START GAME" button and "START" button, select your difficulty level, and then, initiated the game easily. The game is played with "MOUSE". Select and put into operation the constructions and soldiers, founded at the bottom of the screen. When you think that you have enough troops, attacks and defense structures, you can carry out an attack, by clicking two times on doubly "SWORD" button, located in the lower right corner side of the screen. Right next to button, draws back the attacks.

You can purchase the troops and construction, with your money. Your money displayed, on the top of the screen indicator. Use your money, continuing increase in the right places and determine a good strategy. Otherwise, you will not able to win against your enemies. Wish you success!