IR Obot


Welcome to the world of robots. Everything is mechanical and the technology is very advanced here. Laser towers, light towers and much more is waiting for you! If you are ready for bitter struggles, you are welcome!

When the game is loaded, initiated the game, with "NEW GAME" button. Use "SKIP" button, in order to passing the instructions. Your goal in the game is to protect your buildings against your enemy. The game is played with "MOUSE". Place to the right places, by clicking on structures and mechanisms, founded at the bottom side of the scree.

So long as, you continue killing your enemies, you can earn money and with this money that you have earned, you can purchase new mechanisms, with your upgrade points, among the sections.

Are you ready to fight against this challenging struggles. Our advice to you: Ease down your enemies' speed, by placing magnets, on the grounds. Thank you for choosing us, wish you a good success!