1 Will Survive 2


1 Will survive which is managed to become one of the first favorite game of enthusiasts, it is now in presence of you, with second version of it. Compared to the first game, a lot of innovation, will be waiting for you.

When the game is loaded, respectively, click on "START GAME" and "PLAY GAME" buttons. Thereafter, select a section and then, initiated the game easily. If you are playing the game, for the first time, only the chapter will be opened. The game is played with "MOUSE". Purchase the structures and soldiers that you see at the bottom of the screen, on the purpose of attack and defense. You can follow the status of your money with indicator founded at the top of the screen.

Earthquakes may occur during the game. You have to rebuild this your destroyed structures, as result of earthquakes. You can be on defensive or attack situations, by using the buttons, founded in lower left corner of the screen. Do not forget that you are alone in this difficult battles! We wish you success!