Brave Boy


Our small cute daughter, saw a beautiful cat and started to go back of it. When she looked around of her, she has gone far away of her home. Just called her friend and asked to take her instantly. Brave hero bike boy, trying reach to the her girlfriend founded at the end of the road. Our hero, thinks that he will be successful for this, by riding bicycle, will be faced with many problems; because of the road, is too long and he needs for your help! Would you like to be the person helping for him?

Having the game is loaded, continue with "PLAY" button. You can use the "SKIP" button, to pass the descriptions. The controls of the game are as follows:

Riding Bike: "UP,DOWN ARROW" keys.
Supplying Balance: "LEFT,RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Acceleration: "X" or "SHIFT" keys.
Fire: "Z" or "CTRL" keys.

The more you cover a lot of ground, the much more money, you earn. You can make some improvements for your hero and your bike, with money which you have earned, by clicking directly on "SHOP" button or after the stops run. Every obstacles on the road, will slow down you. You can destroy the obstacles founded on the road, by filling water your gun. Come on, rescue your girlfriend without losing much more time! Good luck!