Leg Surgery


With advancing medicine technology, find cure for many diseases and problems. You need to treat a patient who is experience anatomical leg length inequality, in this our game. Heal your patient, together with auxiliary nurse, by following the directions of her. This operation will not be as easy as you think!

Having the game is loaded, you can start to operation, by clicking on "OPERATE" button. The game is played with "MOUSE", in general. You can skip the comments with "NEXT" button. The nurse will help you, in which time, what you should do. Pay attention what says the nurse to you and choose the right medical supplies. The operation will be interrupted, after a few times wrong moves. Another important thing to keep in your mind, is limited time period... You can follow the time, with indicator founded, at the left side of the screen.

This game is for educational purposes only and please note that, this game is performed in digital environment and do not try it, with real objects, at your home! We wish you good luck!