Small cute lightning bug is trapped in some places! It needs for your help to reach the exit line. However, helping to lightning bug will not be as easy as you think.

After the game is loaded, continue with "PLAY" button. If you are playing the game, for the first time only the first chapter will be opened. Select your section and initiated the game. The keypads are as follows:

Moving: "A,D", or "LEFT,RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Jumping: "W", or "M", or "UP DIRECTION" key.

Let's give information about the game: If you are able to manage collect the whole beans, you can earn money that you benefit to buy something from the stores. It is available in the store such as: hat, costumes, characters and new chapters, for your lightning bug, in the store. Be careful against the woody compartments founded above you, while you are jumping up. If you burn up all of them, you will not have chance to go further up!

The section will be completed on the chapter written "END" on it. Continue you follow us, for the most beautiful and exciting games! Good luck to you!