Firebug 2


We are in presence of you with the second version of firebug game that manages to be favorite of the players. It is necessary help for firebug reaching to the exit, as in the first game version, in this game as well. If you are ready, let's begin!

When the game is loaded, continue with "PLAY" button. Determine your game mode and select a section and then, initiated the game instantly. If you are playing the game, for the first time, only the first section will be opened. The controls of the game, are as follows:

Acting: "A,D" or "LEFT,RIGHT DIRECTION" keys.
Jumping: "W" or "M" or "UP DIRECTION" key.

If you are able to be success to collect the whole beans, you can get extra money and with this money; you can purchase some goods, for your firebug. In due course of the game, you can, respectively, start over the current section from the beginning, can pause the game, return to the main and turn on-off the music and sound of the game, with buttons founded in the upper left corner side of the screen. Enjoy your stay!