Use Boxmen


Box-headed robot is caught between major hazards. It is an obligation to reach to the white boxes, in order to getting rid of these hazards. Would you like to help him?

After the game is loaded, make an entrance to the main menu, with "PLAY" button. Click on the same button again and then, initiated the game easily. The keypads are as follows:

Moving: "DIRECTION" keys.
Creation Copy: "SHIFT" key.
Starting the chapter from the very beginning: "R" key.
Passing quickly among the chapters: "SPACE-BAR" key.

It is not a condition to reach the box together with your main character, to pass the section. You can reach to the box right to reach to the other chapters. There is an indicator which shows you how many copies you manage to get, in each section, in the upper left corner side of the screen. Pay attention to the barbed wires and the cliffs.

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