Our white-haired hero character does not get rid of trouble! You will not notice how time passes, in this struggle, in which necessary to use both your intelligence and ability playing the game accomplished.

After the game is loaded, make entrance to the main menu with "PLAY" button. You can initiated a new game, with "NEW GAME" button. If you want to pass the introduction parts, enough to clicking on "SKIP" button. Let's explain the game controls:

Moving: "A,D" or "LEFT,RIGHT DIRECTION" keys.
Jumping: "W", or "Z" or "UP ARROW" or "SPACE-BAR" keys.

If you are manage to collect the stars founded in the section, you will acquire more points. In addition, it is available such as useful objects, jumping and balloon type objects as well as, such objects thorns and enemies that makes your job much more difficult, in this game. You will need for keys to pass through the same places.

It will not so easy to pass the section, in this hard struggle! If you are ready go ahead. We wish you huge successes!