We are in presence of you, with a totally educational game which acquires both very useful knowledge and shape space in-formations about the space. You will be lost yourself in cube, sphere and other prisms, in this enjoyable and educational game.

Having the game is loaded, enter into the game with "PLAY" button. Then, select your section from the coming next menu. If you are playing the game, for the first time, only the first chapter will be opened. After you choosing your section, you can start the game directly. The game is played with "MOUSE". Your goal in the game is to throw the red boxes into the down without dropping the blue boxes, from the cliffs. When you click on the boxes, they are turn into the sphere and sloping areas will begin to move. When you click again on the boxes turning to the sphere and it will return to its former state.

Let's give a few tips about the game: In some sections you may encounter with different boxes, sometimes, like a rectangle prism and cubes, in some sections. Use them very carefully, also, you can prevent the blue boxes converting into the sphere from dropping, by clicking on them, at the right time.

In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the music and sound of the game, with speaker button, in the upper right corner side; with "LVL SELECT" button, founded at the bottom, you can return to the main menu, with "RESTART" button can start over the current section from the very beginning. Stay with us, for the most different and interesting game mind games. Good luck to you!