Ultimate Arena Extreme


Action-packed battles begin! Select your character at once and be part of this ruthless struggle! We are sure, you will be addiction of this perfect game and you will register it to your favorite browser tab.

Having the game is loaded, enter to the main menu, first by clicking on "CLICK TO PLAY" button then, press on "ENTER" button. You will be directly encountered with a character that you can move. You can put into the green potion, in order to changing your character appearance, by clicking on "CHARACTER" button, founded at the left side of the screen. Thereafter, you can choose your section, by progressing with written "ARENA" button, you can also make game settings written "SETTINGS" monitor. The keypads are as follows:

Moving: "ARROW KEYS"
Attack: "A"
Defense: "S"
High jump: "UP ARROW KEY"
Exit : "ESC"
Adjustment Volume: "M"

If we need to give you detailed information about the game, can say the following: Whichever game mode, you play or not, try to throw your opponents from the cliffs. You can achieve this, by doing series of consecutive shots. If your opponents start to doing consecutive shots, in the same vein, take out your defense shield with "Defense" key and cut the strokes, by means of it.

In due course of the game, you can pause the game, with exit key. You can pass the descriptions with attack key. You will feel like, you were there with yourself, in the action-packed fighting game. Stay with us, for the most quality games! Good luck to you!