Monster Truck America


Would you like to cross American mountains with your vehicle accompanied by a pleasant music playing in the background of the game. If your respond is "YES", get on your vehicle and do not waste much more your time. Moreover, you will reach the peaks of the entertainment, with upgrade tool properties and purchasing new vehicle operations in this game.

When the game is loaded, click on "START" button and select a game from the coming next menu. If you are playing the game for the first time, only the first chapter will be allowed. After selecting your section, you will reach the car settings section. At first, you will be given 1000$ gift. If you want, you can improve your vehicle, with that money and you if you want again, you can use it directly, while playing the game. Enough to click on "RACE" button to initiated the game. The controls of the game are as follows:

Acceleration: "W" or "UP ARROW KEYS"
Balance: "A" or "D" or "LEFT, RIGHT ARROW KEYS"
Brake: "S" or "DOWN ARROW KEY"
Restart: "R"

Cons and scrap car that you may encounter, will make your job very difficult, during the game. You can pass over them swiftly and in a right angle so, you can complete the race within a very short time. There are three types of period, in each race. You can follow them from the selection menu chapter. If you are able to complete the game, within the shortest time, you can earn much more money. Whether, you can purchase a new vehicle or you can upgrade the properties of your vehicle with money that you have earned.

In the course of the game, you can make sound settings of the game, with form of note button, founded on the upper-left corner side of the screen. Please continue you follow us, for the best car and jeep games! Enjoy your stay!