iStunt 2


As you know, skiing is a sport that people keep going through a material, without sliding into the snow. There are quite fans of the skiing sport. We are sure that this game, will give you entertaining movements for the skiing fans and as well as, will help cause to love for the people who does not like skiing. Moreover, acrobatic movements will accompany you, at this time.

When the game is loaded, you can initiated the game immediately, with "PLAY" button. Your goal in the game, is to advance, by making acrobatic movements, on the high snowy mountains and to reach to the exit line. The game controls are as follows:

Acrobatic Movement 1: "Z"
Acrobatic Movement 2: "X"
Acrobatic Movement 3: "Z+X"

The game consists of a total of 15 chapters and are 10 Pcs stars in each section, in the game. You can get maximum points, by collecting these stars. In addition, appropriate acrobatic movements that you do in the right time, will give you extra points. Pay attention to the saws, ice stalactites and stalagmites, as possible. Warning signs will appear right before of these, so keep your eyes on the warning signs.

In the course of the game, red-flagged spots, are the control regions. If you die, you can continue from the recent check point. The game ends on the green flag point. You can respectively, pause the game or restart the current section from the very beginning, with buttons founded in the upper left-corner side of the screen, at the pending of the game. Enjoy your stay!