Shop Empire


Would you like to be the owner of the largest shopping mall chains around the world, like Paris, Tokyo, and New York cities. If your answer is "YES" to this question, you have to think and work night and day. While dealing with technical tasks on the one hand, on the other hand, you need to arrange events such as: fairs, concerts, opera for the purpose of quality services, for the people. If you are ready, let's start to this long journey.

After the game is loaded, you can initiated the game respectively by clicking on "PLAY" and "NEW GAME" buttons. Remember to write your name in order not to staying without a name your shopping center. Your purpose in the game is to completing quests given to you, in the best way and be the owner of the best shopping centers. If you apply these tasks, you will be given money and you can use this money in new duties. The game is played with "MOUSE". Place the workers founded on the left side, on the screen, by clicking on the workers needed. You can do more than one floor, however, you have to build a lift to provide communication and accession, among these floors.

Let's give some tricks about the game: Elevators and toilets may lead to quite distressing situations. That's why, build many elevators as much as possible and do not forget to build at least one toilet in each floor of the building. Also, wary of robbers coming at nights, if you have plenty of money, run a great number of private security, at nights. The more shop type, the much more money, it means. As long as, you have a great amount of money, run at least one shop against all needs and interests.

In the course of the game, you can see the workers collectively and improve them by clicking on "EMPLOYEE(S)" button, founded on the top of the screen. In addition, you can class them in private floors, you can also provide them work in certain places. You can improve the shops by clicking on "UPGRADE" button and you can pull down them by using "DESTROY" button. You can respectively, return to the main menu, you can check your centerpiece, can pause or speed up the game with buttons founded at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy your stay!