Empires of Arkeia


The enemy soldiers are appeared on the horizon! You might need to fight, without eating, drinking, even without sleeping. You will find your army in the dust and brownout, at the middle of the war and nobody is going to help you, in this strategic war game! If you are ready, let's begin!

When the game is loaded, enter to the main menu, with "PLAY GAME" button appeared at the bottom of the screen. Initiated the game, your recorded game, if you have with "CONTINUE" button; but if you don't have, in this case, use "NEW GAME" button. If you are playing the game for the first time, only "HEARTHVALE" section will be opened. After selecting your section, you can initiated the game with "FIGHT" button. Your goal in the game is to beat the enemies and send the enemies from the 5 different ways, by choosing whichever you want warrior types founded, at the bottom pane. The game is played with "MOUSE".

Let's give detailed information about the game: You can not send soldiers boundlessly. You will be given a certain amount of money, at the beginning of each chapter. In addition, your money will increase in specific time intervals, as long as, you continue kill the enemies. You can produce soldiers to the extent these coins. At the end of the each section, taking to the consideration, ending game time and remaining energy, will give you points. As far as afford these points, you can make improvements, by clicking on "ACADEMY" button. Furthermore, you can take look on the features of your own troops, with "BARRACKS" button, with "LIBRARY" button the features of the enemy troops.

In the course of the game, you can respectively, seeped up, pause the game or return to the upper menu, with buttons located in the lower right corner side of the screen. These tough battles will not be easy. Stay with us, for the best strategy games! Wish you good luck!