Wake Up the Box


A disease appears in boxes countries, because of that all boxes living there are still going on sleeping! How long will go on like this? Somebody needs to help them and so, would you like to be that helpful person?

After the game is loaded, click on "NEW GAME" button. Then, choose a section from the coming menu. If you are playing the game for the first time, only the first chapter will be allowed. After choosing your section, you can start the game. The game is played with "MOUSE". Your goal in the game is to place the same type objects and needs to wake-up the boxes by means of given to you objects. That is mean, the type of wood objects, you can place onto the wood the type of objects. An easier method, you can not put objects on the red crossed places with your cursor. It is not a problem dropping the boxes from the cliff. Enough to wake up them whether dropping or without.

Let's give more detailed information about the game: In the following sections, you will have to use more than one object. Place them swiftly as possible. In addition, it may not be enough to touch the men a little much. It is necessary completely stuffed the wake-up indicator located in the upper right corner side of the screen.

You can adjust the music and sound of the game with buttons located at the top right corner side during the game. In order to returning to the upper menu use "SELECT LEVEL" button, founded at the bottom right corner side; you can start over the current section with "RESTART" button. We wish you great successes!