Ragdoll Achievement


Contrary to ordinary, you are faced with an interesting mind game. You can not be the winner, if you don't test the limits of your intelligence and chance. Are you ready for this brainstorm, belonging pretty impressive game sounds?

Enter to the main menu with "PLAY" button when the game is loaded. You can initiated the game immediately by clicking on the same button. Your purpose in the game is to give damage in different ways to the strange object forming of a human being and falling from the air. The game is played with "MOUSE". First of all, put the mine to the pointed place and click on "START" button. In this way, the object will fall on the top of the mine and you will gain rights to move to the next chapters. However, it will not be easy to gain, in this following sections. It will be necessary to place more than one material to the correct spot.

In the course of the game, if you have a material that you need to change the location of it, you can perform this operation by clicking on it. You can return to the main menu with "MAIN MENU" button, located in the upper left corner side of the screen, on the other hand, you can turn on-off the music sounds of the game, with the other buttons. Please continue you follow us, for the best mind games! We wish you great success!