Gun Mayhem 2


We are proud to present the second version of Gun Mayhem game which captures the hearts of action and gun players, with the first game. As it has been always, exactly four person can play the game at the same time and you will find your self in the middle of a relentless competition and in tough fight. Moreover, in this game compared to the old game, exact 9 new maps are awaiting for you.

After the game is loaded, we strongly recommend you, if you have low-equipped computers, to low the graphics settings of your computer. You can do this with "OPTIONS" button founded in the menu. You can open the proceed game with "CAMPAIGN" button and with "CUSTOM GAME" button, you can build some games that you can set all the features of the game by yourself, as to the "CHALLENGES" button, you can participate in the toughest battles. In addition, enough to click on "WEAPON LIBRARY" button to learn and test the characteristics of the weapons in the game.

The keypads are as follows:

Moving: "ARROW KEYS"
Firing: "Z"
Boomb: "X"

Moving: "W,A,S,D"
Firing: "T"
Bomb: "Y"

Moving: "/,7,8,9"
Firing: "X" key in numeric keyboard.
Bomb: "-" key in numeric keyboard.

Moving: "1,2,3,5" in numeric keyboard.
Firing: "0" in numeric keyboard.
Bomb: "," in numeric keyboard.

If you would like, you can change the key settings by clicking on "OPTIONS" button founded in the menu part. In due course of the game, you can own new weapons by collecting the boxes appearing during the playing and you can also own some improvements increasing your power by collecting the other bonuses. During the game, you can pause the game or return to the main menu with "ESC"or "SPACE-BAR" keys. Stay with us, for the most beautiful games. Have you a good time!