We are in presence of you, with the third version of Cover Orange series that take place among the puzzle game lovers, with the previous versions of favorite. As it has been always, your purpose in this game is also to protect your fruits from the acid rains. However, it will not be so easy as you think. You will be faced with extremely more difficult scenes, in the following sections. If you are ready, let's begin.

When the game is loaded, enter to the main menu, with "START" button. If you are ready yourself, initiated the game with "PLAY" button. The game is played with "MOUSE", as in the previous versions. Your goal in the game is to leave the objects respectively onto the correct areas and protect your fruits.

Let's talk about some of the innovations and try to give some tips about the game: Some lines are drew immediately below the area, where you left object in order where the objects may fall. You can make more accurate shots, by using the lines. The less time you finish the game, the more points you can receive. In addition, those who want to make changes to the charts, may have different images, by using "SWEET-ACID" button located at the bottom of the screen. The cloud, takes on the road, when you release your objects. In addition, do not forget to pay attention to the bombs founded in some sections.

In the course of the game, you can short over the current section from the very beginning, with "RESET" or "SPACE-BAR" buttons located in the lower right corner side of the screen, can return to the main menu with "MENU" button, with "SELECT LEVEL" button to the upper menu as well. The later chapters will take quite your time. Because of this, it will be better, if you start as soon as possible. Do not forget to browse our website for the first versions of the game. Wish you great success!