Hair Styling Salon


What are your expectations from a hairdresser? Hair washing, build quality cutting properties and the quality of hair dye that he or she uses. What would you do, if all these were aspect-ed from you? Let's initiated the game without losing too much time, because the customers start to accumulating!

After the game is loaded, you can initiate the game directly with "START" button. First of all, click on your customer and allow him/ her rest on the chair. Then, your customer will tell you what he/ she wants. You can realize this, from the coming out bubbles. Click on any needed buttons such as cutting hair, building hair, dying hair or washing hair and give wished shape.

Let's remark these points to the game: There is a certain amount of endorsement that you need to achieve daily. If you are not manage to reach that figure, you have to start the game from the very beginning. If you are able to reach the needed figure, you can move to the chapter, with "NEXT DAY" button. If you are continue passing the sections, the number of your customer will increase and the game will be much more difficult. In addition, every customer has a limited time both while waiting in the row and cutting chair. You have to complete the all processes of your customer, before the time runs out. After the customer leaves, you can put the money to your safe box by clicking on the money that customer has left.

In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the music and sound of the game, by clicking on shaped-speaker button located in the upper left corner side, with pause the game. Stay with us, for the best educational games. Have you a good time!