Werebox 2


We are continue to offer educating and entertaining games for you! We are in presence of you, with the series of Werebox game that arouses quite a great interest, in the game world. If you are ready to do brainstorming, go ahead!

Having the game is loaded, click two times on "PLAY" button and then, you can initiated the game easily. The game is played with "MOUSE". Your purpose in the game is to drop the red boxes downwards, by benefiting from the other boxes. If you drop except the red boxes, in that case, you will lost. You can turn into the sphere the boxes, by clicking on them; however, the all boxes not convert into the sphere. You can move to the next sections, after clean up the red boxes, by pressing on "NEXT" button.

To give a few hints about the game, can be said: When you benefiting from except red boxes, try to prevent them from falling off the downstairs, by making a move on the right time. The greater slope where the sphere is and the boxes are founded, the much more speed, it belongs.

In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the music and sound of the game, with buttons founded in the upper right corner side of the screen; with "LEVEL SELECT" button, located at the bottom of the screen, you can return to the upper menu and with "RESTART" button; you can start over the current section from the very beginning. Please continue you follow us, for the highest quality intelligent games! We wish you great successes!