Rogue Soul


The hero enters into a big city founded on his way, the main purpose of him is not visiting the city, but to finds an adventure there for him. Begins to escape by stealing an apple from a fruit vendor. After escaping a certain time, he understands that he achieved the goal and he sees an advertisement shows whoever find and brings him, will be given some golds to him. However, after a while going ahead, he sees another advertisement and says that whoever brings the ruthless killer, named Boring Hood will be awarded with 5000 golds. His adventure begins thus and so.. A great adventure with the red-clothed ninja master is awaiting for you his purpose is to find the ruthless killer named Borin Hood. meets with you, in a full of action game. Enter to the main menu with "PLAY" button. You can also initiate the game with "PLAY" button. You can see the tasks which you should do and conduct your man according to so with "Goal" button founded in the upper corner side of the screen. The game controls are as follows:

Routing: "Arrow Keys"
Skating: "F"
Throwing knife: "G"
Opening Parachute: "D"

You should spring out on your enemies founded on your way, in order to destroying them rootedly. To jump higher click on "Up Arrow" key two times successively. Good luck to you!