Stop Gmo


 The cute personage, one day, spills radioactive substance into the carrot confronting of him, in order to growing up. As result of this event, the revival carrot turns into a giant monster and holds captive the forests. Other vegetables which is affected by them, participates in a giant carrot. You need to make amend this mistake! it will not be so easy to protect your forest at all.

After the game is loaded, make entrance to the main menu, with "PLAY" button. Continue you with "NEW GAME" button and if you would like to skip the comments, use "SKIP" button. The controls of the game, are as follows:

Moving: "W,A,S,D" or "Arrow Keys"
Attack: "Space-Bar"
Special weapon 1: "Z"
Special weapon 2: "X"
Audio: "M"
Pausing the game: "P"

Let's make easy your business, by giving some important tips about the game: Make blow to the pumpkins, scattered within the sections by jumping on them and collect the pouring out coins. You can purchase, new and more powerful weapons, with that money among the sections. It will not be deleted that money, even if you are not manage to pass the section. In this way, you can earn enough amount of money, by playing the game again and again. First of all, it will be benefit of you to purchasing the weapons. The most powerful "Mini Gun" the most powerful enemy is the red pepper, in the game. Again, you can buy some special weapons that you can use for once, with the money that you have collected up to now. There is no time limit in the game; however, you still put your hand skates on; because when your enemies come in bulk. Stay with us, for the most beautiful games. We wish you good luck!