Dino Shift


Small dinosaur puppy goes on a trip in nature. Compared to the other dinosaurs, this dinosaur infant has a completely different feature from the other dinosaur, it is that the dinosaur can change the color. How about embarking on for a great adventure, with the small dinosaur puppy trying to collect the color boxes interspersed through the chapters.

After the game is loaded, click on first "Start", then on "Start Game" buttons. Initiate the game, by clicking on the first chapter.

Your purpose in the game is to collect sufficient amount of boxes, with small dinosaur puppy, changing color to color.

The game controls are as follows:

Routing: "ARROW KEYS"
Red Color: "Z" key.
Green Color: "X" key.
Blue Color: "C" key.

After you collecting sufficient amount of boxes, you can move to the next section, by reaching to starting point. Have a ball!