Destructo Dog


Having the game is loaded, you can enter to the game, by using respectively, "Start Game" and "New Game" buttons. Then, it is necessary to selecting a section for you. If you are playing the game for the first time, only the first chapter will be allowed. The game controls are as follows:

Acting: "A,D" keys.
jumping: "W" key.
Flying: "2x W" keys.
Down Stroke: "S" key.
Change Weapon: "Q,E" keys.

Let's give a few tips about the game: Having you killed the enemies, you can purchase new weapons, with the money that you have earned through the sections, and you can also improved the current weapons that you are owing. Also, there are some bonuses such as upgrading energy and bullets. Remember to be prepared against some powerful enemies, at the end of the chapters.

In the course of the game, you can return to the main menu, can make sound settings and can restart the current section from the very beginning. Stay with us for the most beautiful games. Enjoy your stay!