Bomb It 6


Wow! You know what to play! We are so sure that you have already played the previous chapters of this awesome Bomb It game on! And now you will play the latest and sixth chapter of this awesome game series. If you ask what's new on this chapter, we can not write all innovations because we are going to let you to check it out. But here is a few innovation about bomb it 6; new dresses for your game character and new maps. Let's see what's inside of this chapter!

Click "START" button on main menu. Select one mode among five game modes which are "Arcade, Battle Royale, Green Zone, Survive, Treasure Trail".

On "Players" section from "Game Settings", you can set number of player of the game such as single player or twosome. On "Enemies" section, set the number of enemy. With "Levels" section, set the number of game level.

Like we wrote before, you will play on new war maps in this chapter. You can select a war map from "Arena" section. Specify the difficulty of the game and click "OK" button. The game character's dresses will be locked if it is your first time in game. You can buy character's dresses with game points.

Here is the controls of game:
If you are playing as single, use the following keys:

If you are playing as twosome, use the following keys:
1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"

2nd Player:
Bomb: "ENTER"

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