American Racing


Nascar racing is a sport native to America, it is under your control as flash game, in the address. Are you ready to experience speed adrenaline and excitement all together at the same time in this race attended by more than forty riders? If are able to make high scores, you can gain some sponsors and can double your income in these races. Come on, take your part in the game, without waiting much more!

Having the game is loaded, click on "Continue" button located at the left lowermost window of the game. You can write whichever name you please in your name part founded, at the left bottom window of the game. You can see your achievements that you have gained in the "Achievement" button. You can delete your game career with "Clear Save" button founded in the upper right side window of the game.

Click on "Play" button. Select the first section of the game. You can initiate the race, by keeping press on "Up Arrow" key. After you complete the game, you can move to the the score window or go to the garage, by clicking on "Continue" button. You can improve your car with sums of money that you have gained from the races, in the garage. You can exit from the garage and open the racing calender, by using "Continue" button. You can continue to the game, by choosing the next race.

The game controls are as follows:
Routing: "Direction" or "W,A,S,D" keys.
Nitro: "Space-Bar" or "Ctrl" or "X" keys.

We wish you great successes!