Bomb It 4


Bomb series continues with a brand-new chapters and with a brand-new features, in the Get ready for a fierce struggle, whether you wish against the computer or against your friend on the same computer and the same time! You should be much more faster than your opponents to get much more features and to gain advantages over your rivals.

Click on "Start" button. You can determine whether you want to play the game with a single person or with two person, by using "Players" button, in the "Game Settings" window. With "Enemies" option, you can specify with many rivals that you would like to play the game with them. As to the "Levels" button; you can select with how many parts you want to play the game. With "Arena" option, you can determine in which maps you want to play. Having you decided, the difficulty level of the game, with "Difficulty" button and then, initiate the game, by using "Next" button.

It will not be opened the costumes that would like to dressing up your character. If you are playing the game just for the first time, character costumes will be available, according to your points that you have gained, in the game. After choosing your character, you can initiate the game, by using "Start" button.

Game controls are as follows:
If you are play the game with a single person:
For routing: "Arrow" keys.
For leaving a bomb: "Space" key.

If you play the game with two person:
In that case, for routing: "W,A,S,D" keys.
For throwing bombs: "Space" key.

For routing: "Arrow" keys.
Throwing bomb: "Enter" key.

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