Magic Smash Hammer


Your hero needs for your help who wants to protect his castle from hazardous substances that could damage the structure of the castle such as rain, snow and fire. Can you help for the owner of the castle targeting to keep away sequences from the kind of the things, by building a knob system and with pitfalls around the castle?

After the game is loaded, click on the "Play" button founded at the bottom of the game window. Then, click on "New Game" button. You can switch off the information windows, with "Continue" option and you can also initiate the game with it. Your purpose in the game is to destroy the evil forces attacking the castle.

The Game Controls are as follows:
Throwing Knob: "Mouse"
Throwing Axes: "Left-Mouse" button.
Selecting Knob: "1,2,3,4" keys.
Special Forces: "Q,W,E" keys.

You can determine the weapons according to the attacking soldiers from the selecting weapons menu founded in the upper game windows. For instance; you can destroy much faster the attacking ice and water soldiers, by using your firing knob. You can purchase new weapons, specialties and can improve your weapons with "Upgrade" button via golds that you have acquired from the game. Good luck to you!