Dinosaur mother incubates and waiting for cracking her eggs, as soon as possible. Having realized suddenly that she was getting hungry and then, she moved from her eggs to collect some apples. Whatever happened, it has happened at that moment! Little dinosaur started to become naughty even before getting out from the egg. As soon as, the egg started to swing, it begin to rolling from down hill, by leaving from the nest. Mother dinosaur which is not able to manage catch her egg, tries to make afford to reach her egg to the other nest safely. Would like to help mother dinosaur?

Having the game is loaded, click on "Play Game" button founded in the lower right corner side of the game window. If you played the game before and if you want to continue you from the last current point, you can use "Continue" option. If you are playing the game for the first time, click on "New Game" button. The nick-name you want to use, in the game write it, by screen keyboard and then, click on "Enter" button.

You can pass the animation tells story of the game, by using "Space-Bar" key. Select the first chapter, in the section part menu; there after, you can initiate the game, by pressing on "Space" key.

Game controls are as follows:
Routing: "Arrow" keys.
jumping: "Z"(To jump higher, on the "Z" key repeatedly twice time)
To break the blocks from the top to down use "Up Arrow+Z" keys.
To break the blocks founded in front of you in that case, use "Right-Left Arrow+X" keys.
To climb over the wall, use "Right-Left Arrow+Z" keys.

Have you a good time!