Ben 10 Hero Hoops


Ben 10 is an indispensable character of cartoon world, you kicked out many adventures with him many times in the beginning. This time, you are not participating in an adventure, but for a basketball tournament. It can't be so easy to throw a basketball on the pots, moving left-right sides. You can have some extra rights such as: slowdown, enlarging the pot, extra times and in addition to winning seven balls, by throwing basket on the pots, hosting properties. Let's see how much good at throwing baskets into the pots?

Click on "Play" button. You can skip the elucidating parts, by clicking again on "Play" button and you can initiate the game easily in this way.

Game controls are as follows:
Routing and Target Acquisition: "Mouse"
Firing: "Left-Mouse" key.

Now Ben 10 game is presenting with a game that you have never played before on address. Enjoy your stay!