Penguin Tide


Don't say that Penguins have a holiday! This penguin goes even surfing; because of the fact that she doesn't have an ordinary vocation. Of course, it does have a purpose to surf. It seems that she will do her best to reach to the island where she has been dreaming to go from her childhood. Of course, if you accept to help her?

Having the game is loaded, click on "Play" button. If you played the game previously via, you can continue to the game where you left off( from the last your current playing point) before, with "Load Game" option. If you are playing the game for the first time, click on "New Game" button. Select the chest you want to record the game. If you want to skip the animation history of the game, without watching it, click on "Skip" button located at the bottom left corner side of the game window. You can close the information windows, by clicking on "Crossing" signs.

Game controls are as follows:
Jumping : "Left-key of the Mouse".

You can get money, by collecting the fruit, at the time of the surfing. You can move to score windows and come to the "Upgrade" button, via using "Next" button. You can purchase new features that help improve your character's attributes, with money that you have earned. Have fun!