Good Daddy


Super father of the little boy, starting to the school, true beginner and expecting to encounter with a lot of danger, on the school way and he decided to move on. Would you like to help super father, closing the spiky holes and repairing the rough roads, so as to provide his son reach to his school safely? Having you sure that there are no obstacles preventing the little boy reach to his school, in that case, you can set off the for adventure.

Click on "Ok" sign founded in the middle of the game window. You can push forward the photos in which tells the story of the game, by clicking on "OK" button, located in the lower right corner side of the game window. Initiate the game, by selecting the first chapter of the game.

Game controls are as follows:
Routing: "Arrow" keys.
You can move or stop the boy, by using "Space" key.
Shifting-Shape: "1,2,3"keys.

Your purpose in the game is to provide the little boy reach to the school safely and to make ineffective the obstacles which may prevent the little boy reach to the school safely, together with super father.

Stars that you have collected in the game, will assist to opening the next chapter's map of the game. For instance: It is a necessary to have 20 pieces stars in total; in order to playing in the second sections of the map. If the stars are not enough, you can play the sections that you have won one or two stars again.

We wish you great successes!