Blasting block players, would you like to make brainstorming with a light relaxing music in the background of the game? If your answer is "YES" this game the best suits for you. Easy block puzzles are waiting for you, without anytime limits. If you are ready, let's begin!

After the game is loaded, make entrance to the main menu, with "START" button. After then, select a section and initiated the game very easily, by playing on "PLAY" button. Your purpose in the game, is to blow up, the same color blocks, by bring them side by side, over and over. The game is played with "MOUSE". You can pull the blocks to the right and left or you can mutually change the place of two blocks connecting to each other.

You are entitled to a limited number of moves, in the game. This limit may vary according to the number of the blocks. Complete the chapter with less moves, the more points you will earn. There is no time limitation in the game. So, think easily and make your the best move.

In the course of the game, you can respectively start over the current section from the very beginning and you can undo your last move, with buttons founded in the upper right corner side of the screen. You can make the music and sound settings of the game, can also return to the upper menu with buttons founded at the top right corner side, as well. As long as, you passing the sections, you will encounter with different color blocks and you will witness that the number of the blocks infiltrating. These are all, never intimidate you. wish you good luck!