Snail Bob 3


You have played a full of excitement adventure with Snail Bob remembering his grandfather's birthday to bring a precious gift to him. Now, he is embarking for taking a long time adventure this time. In this chapter, Snail Bob who is not listen his grandfather's words, he brings himself on the trouble because of it. Snail Bob who is should not touch a mirror, but touch it, he dragged into the down of one of the an old Egyptian time. Snail Bob who is dragged into the trouble, this time, he needs for your help much more than ever before to get rid of it.

A new adventure begins with Snail Bob! You can move to the main menu, with "Play" button. If you want to skip the story of the game, just click on "Skip" button founded in the lower right corner side of the screen. Initiate the game, by selecting the first section of the game.

Game controls are as follows:
"Left-key of the Mouse"

Click on the Sanil Bob to pause or to set going it. Make prepare the best way Snail Bob to reach to the arrival point, by using the levers and buttons around you.

You can move to the next chapter, by clicking on "Next Level" button.

Have you a good time!