You are encountered with a very high degree of difficulty game in which you can examine yourself very seriously. It is necessary to avoid yourself from many kids of technological tools that will want to hurt you, in the game. Do not worry, your robot is very agile; but will you able to manage to be as agile as your robot is? If you are ready, let's begin then.

Because of the large size of the game, it may take a while to load. After the game is loaded, make an entrance to the main menu with "Play" button. Enough to click on "Skip Intro" button, if you would like to pass the introduction part. After then, select which ever you wanted control options.

Control Options are as follows:
Moving: "Arrow" keys.
Protection: "A" key.
Function: "Space-Bar" key.

To act: "W,A,S,D" keys.
Protection: "Up Arrow" keys.
Function: "Space-Bar" key.

When you are in menu point, you can improve your robot, by entering to "Design Labs" place, with the money that you have earned on the other hand, you can increase your points, by collecting the interspersed bonuses in the section. You need to get enough amount of points to move to the next level of the game. It is available unlimited rights in the game. But, the points will be reset, when you die and you will have to collect points from the beginning. Be careful to all of against the thick laser beams and top-down mechanisms making a sudden attack.

In the course of the game, you can return to the menu, when you go to the door, click on function key, founded in the middle of the screen. It will not be so easy to passing the chapters, as you think. You can browse our website, for the most beautiful skill games. Wish you good luck to you!