Sushi Chef


Sushi food which is one of the most indispensable of Japanese culture is now in the website and what is more as flash game, meets with it's visitors. It is necessary to have satisfied the costume's requests, as they want, by preparing a sushi.

After the game is loaded, select the type of your waiter from the appearing menu. Type your chief's name, on "Your Chief's Name" part. Having you determined the difficulty level of the game from the "Difficulty" part, click on "OK" button, in order to starting from the first chapter and you need to write your name on the place where you will open a restaurant in the choosing section menu. Then, you can initiate the game, by clicking on "Play" button. And you can pass the introduction windows, by using "Continue" button.

Game controls are as follows:
"Left button of the Mouse"

After clicking on the required materials, you can ready sushi to service, by clicking on the exhibition. You can learn how to make sushi named "Sushi Recipes" book founded on the counter. To order the sushi material, select the material the would like to order, by clicking on the phone. Have a ball!