Haunt The House


Dozens of people in a big house... Will you able to be successful to moving away all these people from the house, by horrifyingly them? The cute specter will help you for this matter. If you are ready, let the fun begins!

After the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button. If you want to skip the introduction sections coming next of it, enough to use "SKIP" button. Your purpose in the game is to distract the absolute amount of 30 people from the house, by dismayingly them. Your ghost conveys a feature entering to the things. You need to move the things into the belongings founded in your house, so that scare. Game controls are as follows:

Acting: "ARROW" keys.
Special Moves: "ARROW" keys.
Entering into the goods: "SPACE-BAR" key.

You can not use the special moves, at the beginning of the game immediately. First of all, you need to fill the indicator located at the bottom of the screen, by scaring the people little by little. In addition, the special moves, change according to the things. Accordingly, each of the keys used in the things, changes as well. When you go into the article, you can follow the processes that you can do with it, from the legend appeared, at the bottom of the screen. After begging to start scare the people, they begin to escape into the other rooms. Just follow behind them and continue you scaring them, by entering into the other things, out of hand. When they come to the freak out point, you will see that they fled away or jumped through the window and suicide.

Let's take two pieces of cues pertained to the game: The first one, is a dining table, if you use articles in high-pitched noise, such as; deer head, you can scare the people much more easily. In the second place, conduct the people fleeing into the house, towards the door by getting ahead of them; in this way, you can push out them more comfortably. Continue you follow us, for the most beautiful games.

Good luck to you!