Here is a game which consists of a little skills and a little intelligent, you need to use your skills and specialties, in a very good way; on the other hand, you should move in a very well considering. Your aim in the game is to get the young musician to the exit door but; this it doesn't seem so easy.

Click on "PLAY" button, you can skip the elucidating window and initiate the game very easily, by using any key of the keyboard.

The game controls are as follows:
Routing:"Right and Left Arrow" keys.
Jumping:"Up Arrow" key.

You can make visible or invisible the musical note boxes, by using "1,2,3,4" keys.

You can use "SPACE-BAR" key or "NEXT" button; in order to moving the next section.

With buttons founded in the upper right corner side of the game window from left to right, you can return to the main menu, can re-start the current your playing section (R), and can turn on-off the music and sounds of the game.

The best of luck to you!