Bearboy and The Cursor


We are in presence of you with an interesting game, required right-hand and left hand-eye coordination. When you start up your hero with one of your hand, the other your hand, will not recognize how time passes with this fabulous game. If you are ready, let's start help your small teddy bear.

Make entrance to the main menu with "PLAY" button. You can enter to the game by using "START" button. If you don't want to watching the introduction part, just "SKIP" button. Your purpose in the game is to pick up the honeycomb pieces and to get rid of from the traps founded in the section, by using your cute teddy bear.

Game controls are as follows:
Acting: "A,D" or "LEFT,RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Jumping: "W" or "UP ARROW" key.
Block Activation: "MOUSE".

Let's talk about a few things that you need to pay attention during the game:When you click on the orange blocks, they will be destroyed and will come out honeycombs or purple blocks underneath of orange blocks. When you move the cursor on the top of the purple blocks, will be created some regions so as to jumping up. Beware! One purple block can remain active, at the same time; which is why, you have to be very careful so as not to falling into the gap. Barbed wire, caterpillars and flying insects will cause very great dangers for you. Be practical and cool pass all sections, right now!

During the game, respectively, you can return to the upper menu, can take look on your achievement table, can change the sound and graphic settings and can move to the settings menu, with buttons located in the upper left corner side of the screen, as well. If you are looking for a little adventure and madness, activate "MOONWALK MODE" option founded in the settings menu. Do not forget to check out our website for the beautiful games.

Enjoy your staying!