Gangnam Ta Ta Ta


Korean musician, PSY 's made 2012 song Gangnam Style, hosts the most watched video features in the Youtube. Moreover, the song was shared by many celebrities, such as Katty Perry, and Tom Cruise. What is more, the son was appreciated as the most admired song, by the Guinness Books of Records and one of the most important reasons why it is so much loved, without doubt is the rhythmic dance of PSY. We also offer you very nice games about it. If you are ready, let's begin!

After the game is loaded, continue you with "PLAY" button founded in the lower left corner side of the screen. And then, select a section for yourself. Your purpose in the game is to create a scene for PSY, with rod and cup-shaped objects, given you and draw out him Gangnam Style. The game is played with "MOUSE". You can place give you objects wherever you want, by clicking left-key of the mouse.

In the course of the game, there are some important points which you need to consider: One of the first one of them, is to drop object to the ground. If you drop even one object from the cliffs, the game is reset from the beginning. The one is, offer you make ready PSY for the game, PSY will play for a while. If your scene is not robust, it will be destroyed and you will have to return for the beginning of your current playing section. Do not neglect to make a solid foundation of scenes.

If you are unable to perform a successful stage, you can play the same section with "REPLAY"; with "BACK" button can return to the main menu of the game. You can follow the object given you, during the game from the top of the game screen. We recommend you to browse our website, for the most beautiful and music games.

Enjoy your staying!