Cute aliens have fell in the deep of the space, as result of experience an accident, with "UFO" in the course of the trip. Short stature and small blue creatures, need to access to the operation machine; in order to returning to the their own planets. What about starting to an enjoyable intelligence game?

After loading the game, click on "Play" button. Select the first map of the game; there after, you can initiate the game, by selecting the first chapter of the game. You can close the elucidating windows, by using "Cross" sign. Your purpose in the game is to access to the little aliens the teleportation Machine, as much as possible.

Game controls are as follows:
"Left-key of the Mouse".

You can activate the liking rope or can provide the little liking hero, reach to the teleportation machine, by connecting the rope to a connection point, by clicking onto the blue alien. If the little hero is bounded, you can cut the rope, by drawing a line onto the rope, by using "Left-key of the Mouse". If there are two or more aliens; you can start to move, by connecting the aliens another. Furthermore, you can provide to starting to move the little aliens, by blowing up the air bubbles.

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