Boom The Rock


According to a study conducted by scientists has proved that approaches one another from each other very dangerous meteors close to the surrounding of the earth. The scientists producing an intelligent rocket in order to destroying the these meteors, now need for a person who can manage to prepare the way of the rocket. But, you don't have too much time. So, if you stay late much more time, the earth may be destroyed! You must destroy the meteors, by preparing the path of the rockets as immediate time as possible!

After the game is loaded, click on "Tap To Start" button. You can skip the introduction parts, by clicking on the game screen. You can initiate the game, by clicking on the first section of it.

The game controls are as follows:
"The Left Click of Mouse"

Your purpose in the game is to make explode the dangerous sky-pieces. You need to set the walk-trough of rocket to collect the dynamites and to reach to the dangerous meteors. You can set the route, as the way you want, by using the blue points founded on the walking-trough.

Having you prepared the way, you can run the rocket, by clicking on "Left-Button of Mouse". After you finish the playing part, you can move to the next chapter, by using "Next" button.

Wish you good luck!