Wish Totems


Totems, in primitive societies, people are thought to have been derived from the sacred natural objects such as; trees, wind and so on, are any natural or handmade shaped object substances. Nowadays, totem belief has been decreased by almost non-existent. Your aim in the game is to eliminate the wish totems. If you are ready, let's begin then!

After the game is loaded, enter to the main menu with "PLAY" button. Thereafter, continue you by using the same button again and initiate the game, without waiting for it. If you are playing the game for the first time, the first chapter of the game will be opened automatically. Your purpose in the game is to destroy the totems. The game is played with "MOUSE". Enough to click left on the totems to blow up them.

Let's give more detailed information about the game: If you click on the black totems, will be blow up and scattered near side of them. The blue totems, can be destroyed only by pulling down them into the water. As to the red totems; it is an obligation for you to protect them very carefully. You can turn on-off the transitions by clicking on the green transition boxes. After passing the section, if you want to play the section, use "REPLAY LEVEL" button and if you prefer to move to the next chapter, use "NEXT LEVEL" button. The sooner you finish the section, the more points you will receive.

In the course of the game, you can respectively, turn on-off the music and sound s of the game, can return to the main menu, and can start-over the section of the game, from the very beginning. Let's see will you able to get 3 stars from the all chapters of the game. Please continue you follow us, for the most beautiful intelligent games. Wish you have great success!