3 Pandas 2


As you aware, pandas are ranked as the most endangered species of animals in the top list of the group found in the point in question in the world. There are three lovable pandas faced with some difficulties and so, they are awaiting for your urgent help. Would you like to help them in this uphill battle?

Having the game is loaded, you can enter into the main menu, by clicking on "PLAY NOW" button. Shortly after, click on "PLAY" button and then, select your section. If you are playing the game for the first time only the first chapter of the game will be available. After choosing your section, you can initiate the game very easily. The game is played with "MOUSE". It will be enough to click on the place where you would like take the pandas.

In the course of the game, you can the features of the pandas, by clicking onto them. The tall panda can hang downwards the other pandas. Besides, it can also hang the little panda upwards. The little panda can use the objects which are found there, after being trowed. As to the fat panda, you can benefit for hard works. Pay attention against the pirates and wild animals.

In due course of the game, you can in turn, turn on-off the sounds and music of the game, with buttons located in the upper left corner side of the screen; with buttons found in the upper right corner side of the game, you can in order of start over the current section from the very beginning and can return to the upper menu as well. Let's see will you able to assist for our lovely pandas in this uphill struggle? Good luck to you!