Skeleton Launcher


As you know, Cannon is a kind of war instrument used in war, designed to fire the cannonballs for long distances. However, we put skeleton instead of cannonballs inside of the war cannon and we created an enjoyable shooting game, for the game lovers. Find a place for yourself in this fun game!

Having the game is loaded, enter to the main menu of the game, with "PLAY" button. You can initiate the game, at once by using the same buttons. Your purpose in the game is to smash the eggs just by throwing the skeletons. The game is played only with "MOUSE". Take aim and click left. The more you hold off the cursor for away, the stronger shot you will be achieved.

Let's simplify your business, by giving some tips related to the game: There are bombs and rocks in some sections. You can drop these eggs around the open areas, by hitting these rocks and bombs. You can scatter them much more easily later on. Beware! If you drop the eggs out of the chapter, the shot will be considered invalid, you will have to start all over again. Furthermore, you can clear the way for yourself and can reach to the eggs very easily, by hitting all kinds movable objects such as; pieces of woods, irons. You can make shootings as you want, in the game save that you need to pay attention to the time. The more you finish sooner this section, the more points you will receive.

In the course of the game, you can in orderly of return to the main menu, turn on-off the sounds and music of the game, can pause the game and start over the current section from the very beginning, with buttons located in the lower left corner side of the screen. Do not forget to take browse our website for the other shooting games. Stay with us, for the most beautiful games. Enjoy your staying!